Our PE Rules are for the benefit of a safe and fun enviroment.

Benkelman Elementary Physical Education Policies


I believe that human beings were created to move, otherwise we would have roots instead of legs.  Conditioning, sports, and rhythmic activities promote health related fitness, stress release, sense of accomplishment, increased self-esteem, cooperation with others, increased mental alertness and JOY!




For safety, effectiveness and the development of self management skills I have formulated my PE rules in the form of a pledge which every child takes the first day of PE class.

The PE PLEDGE is as follows:




  1. Be ready for PE.

  2. Play hard and fair.

  3. Solve problems in a good way.

  4. Watch for, listen to, and follow the teacher's signals and directions.

  5. Be a good sport.

  6. Be willing to try new things.

  7. Put equipment neater than I found it.




The guidelines for what to wear in PE class are based on safety and effectiveness.  Students in grades kindergarten thru 4th grade do not need to have a separate set of clothes for PE.  Grades 5-6 need to have a separate set of clothes and will shower after class.



  • Athletic shoes for traction. (Hard soles slip)

  • Shorts, pants or sweats (may be added under dresses)

  • Short sleeve top under sweater/sweatshirt to allow for ventilation.

  • Secure long hair with clips or bands.

  • A smile that comes from being well rested and fed.


Other Guidelines:

  • Gum, Candy, or Jewelry are not allowed during participation.

  • Putdowns are not allowed.

  • Always encourage your classmates.

  • For emergencies follow the guidelines posted above the door in gym.




If a Physical Education rule is broken the following consequences will occur:

Progression                               Action

1st Time                                    Warning

2nd Time                                   Time Out = 3 Minutes*

3rd Time                                    Time Out = 5 Minutes*

4th Time                                    Recess spent in Main Office with assignment

Next Time                                Call/Note to Parents

*Student fills out a "Time-Out" Sheet to learn better choices and document event.




Medical limitations = Modified or non-participation prescriptions should be given to Mr. Hughes and kept on file with the school nurse.  Return to full activity date must be specified either at time of initial prescription or on the first day that normal PE activities are resumed.  For reoccurring medical incidents (ex. Asthma), the student, as able, is responsible to notify the teacher of flare ups and follow medical plan.  Minor injuries/illnesses = Parent's note acceptable for two classes.




The best times to contact me by phone are 10:45 AM to 11:25 at Benkelman Elementary (423-2216).  It would be very difficult to attend to the phone during class time.  Meetings can be arranged for before school or during evening hours.  I can be reached in the evenings at 423-2478 or email me at:


Before and After School Activities

We will once again offer the opportunity to play in intramural activities at all age levels this year.  Usually, there is an optional practice session once per week.  Activities this year include: Soccer, Flag Football, Cupstacking, Archery, Basketball, Volleyball, and Track and Field. These activities are either free or at a minimal cost. A permission slip must be signed in order to participate in these activities. Volunteers are needed for these activities.  If you would like to help out please call Mr. Hughes.  Also available is the Early Bird program.  This year we will conduct all sessions at Benkelman Elementary from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM.  The Early Bird Program is FREE!