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Kindergarten Curriculum and Lesson Guides  

Semester 1 

Week 4 


Day 1 

Intro Activity-Noodle Sports 

Balance-Activity 4 Walking Board 

Body and Space-Activity 6 Stilt Walking 

Simple Game-All the Horses Run 

Closing Activity-Friendship Builder #1 


Day 2 

Instant Activity-Tail Snatch Tag 

Jump and Sequence-Activity 4-Jumping Obstacle Course 

Rhythms-Fundamental Rhythms-Beanbag Activities "Bean Bag Rock" 

Hand/Eye Coordination-Activity 5 Dribbling Playground Balls 

Closing Activity-Friendship Builder #2 


Day 3 

Instant Activity-Searching for A Bear 

Social Skills-Parachutes-Hand Grips, Starting and Return Position, Ripples and Waves 

Small Motor Coordination-Finger Strengtheners 

Simple Game-Lemonade 

Closing Activity-Friendship Builder #5 


Day 4 

Instant Activity-Five Noses 

Body Coordination-Activity 4 Jumping Obstacle Course 

Climbing Rope- Intro To Ropes #5 

Simple Game-Crackers and Crumbs 

Closing Activity-Player of The Day 


Day 5 

Instant Activity-Dribbling Numbers 

Locomotor Skills-MA-4 Directions, Pathways, and Patterns 

Eye/Foot Coordination-Activity 6-Can Stilt Walking 

Closing Activity-Player of The Day