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Week #1

Day 1

Intro Activity-Formation Signals


Lesson Focus

1st Grade-Lessons 1-2  Level 1

2nd Grade-Lesson 1 Level 2


Play Gymnastics-Walk Through The Zoo 1-6




Day 2

Intro Activity

Movement Signals

Signals Game


Lesson Focus

1st Grade-Lessons 3-4 Level 1

2nd Grade-Lesson 2 Level 2


Climbing Ropes-Introduction To Climbing Ropes-1-2




Day 3

Intro Activity-Starting Positions


Lesson Focus

1st-2nd Combined-Lesson 3 Level 2 and Review Level 1 Lessons 3-4


Rhythms and Dance-Fundamental Rhythms

1. Beanbag Activities-"Who's Got The Beanbag, "Make Friends with a Beanbag