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Kindergarten Lesson Guides  

Semester 1 

Week 3 


Day 1 

Intro Activity-Steal The Chicken 

Balance-Activity 3-Walking Board 

Body and Space-Body Awareness Page 53 

Simple Game-Mouse Trap 

Closing Activity-Imagery Relax 


Day 2 

Instant Activity-Scoop And Drop 

Jump and Sequence-Activity 3-Jumping Box 

Rhythms-Singing Movement Song-"If I Had A Windmill" 

Hand/Eye Coordination-Lesson 2-Try a new Ball 

Closing Activity-Butterfly Stretch 


Day 3 

Instant Activity-Bug Tag 

Social Skills-Parachute Snake Pit 

Small Motor Coordination-Finger Aerobics 

Simple Game-One, Two, Three 

Closing Activity-Side Stretcher 


Day 4 

Instant Activity-Straight Rope Challenges 

Body Coordination-Stunts-Standing Long Jump, Burpee 

Climbing Rope-Seated Rope Pulls 

Simple Game-Ice Cream Scoops 

Closing Activity-#21 Touch and Name 


Day 5 

Instant Activity-Jump Rope Exploration 

Locomotor Skills-MA-3 Lifting and Carrying Equipment 

Eye/Foot Coordination-Activity 5-Jumping and Sequencing Directions 

Closing Activity-#30 Beachball Balance