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Kindergarten Lesson Guides

Semester 1

Week 2


Day 1

Intro Activity-Copy Me

Balance-Activity 2 Walking Board

Body and Space-Activity 2 Body Parts of the Head

Simple Game-Jump The Shot

Closing Activity-Butterfly Stretch


Day 2

Instant Activity-Builders and Bulldozers with Cones

Jump and Sequence-Activity 2-Jumping on a rope laid on the ground.

Rhythms-Creative Rhythms-"Little Red Fox"

Hand/Eye Coordination-Ball Handling and Space Awareness Lesson 1

Closing Activity-"Snake"


Day 3

Instant Activity-Innovative Warm-up - Bubble Gum

Social Skills-Parachute Activity 2-Make Wind

Small Motor Coordination- Activity 5-Open and Close The Fingers

Simple Game-Squirrels in the Trees

Closing Activity-Side Stretcher


Day 4

Instant Activity-Stacker Mania

Body Coordination-Short Ropes Safety-Straight Rope Patterns

Climbing Rope-Seated Rope Pulls

Simple Game-Lacrosse Garbage Ball

Closing Activity-Legend of the Day


Day 5

Instant Activity-Basketball Madness

Locomotor Skills-MA-2 Identifying Boundaries

Eye/Foot Coordination-Activity 4-Hopscotch With Hoops

Closing Activity-Nodding Heads-Shrugs